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Mar 28 2024

  • If you have a hotmail email, go make a gmail one and use that instead! Hotmail is now mostly unreachable, and you will not get my reply!
  • Updated Car Caricatures page with 5 Mining Co Designs. One for a shirt and an Ed Roth styled one for a sticker.
  • With the implosion of Social Media, it seems the RSS Feed is worth bringing back, for those that know how to use them. It allows you to make your own time line from things all over the web from blogs and website using an RSS Reader, rather than a social media site. The feed for this website is here:
    and the feed for our BLOG is here:

  • Caricatures, Graphics, Logos and Cartoons:

    Car Caricatures, Logos, Cartoons and Business Graphics

    How to get an original Logo or Illustration
    Pop Culture Caricatures and Cartoons
    How To Draw Caricatures and Cartoons

    Concept Design, Technical Illustration:

    Concept Design Sketches
    Color Concept Art

    Our Comics and Comic Strips:

    Adrian Bruce Comic Books
    Heavy Metal Garage - Car Cartoon Comic
    Don Nichols SHADOW Cars Comic
    This Is Where The Smoke Comes Out Comic
    Terraform - A Sci-Fi Comic.

    Our Rock & Synthesizer Music:

    In The Asteroid Belt: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera
    Megacurve - Adrian Bruce Music

    Audio and Instrument Technology:

    Boutique Gear and Project Studio
    Stratocaster Shielding for Hum
    Arduino Midi Controller
    A look at our Fairlight CMI, Roland and other Development
    Repairing a SL-23 turntable

    Sculpting, Patterns and their Duplication:

    RTV molds and resin casting.
    Sculpting Technique and Super Sculpey.