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Freelance Design, Cartooning & Illustration

Jun 24 2019

  • Moved Office and all is OK. Update to Logos and CAR-toons.
  • Have had tracks on Bandcamp forever, but never tell anyone about them, so here they are: Megacurve on Bandcamp.
  • Have put up all of Terrform. Also the short Terrform - Earlier in the Asteroid Belt.
  • Our Podcast Archive and Player .

  • tshirt designs

    Caricatures, Graphics, Logos and Cartoons:

    Car Caricatures, Logos, Cartoons and Business Graphics

    How to get an original Logo or Illustration
    Pop Culture Caricatures and Cartoons
    How To Draw Caricatures and Cartoons
    Heavy Metal Garage - Car Cartoon Comic
    Terraform - A Sci-Fi Comic.

    Concept Design, Technical Illustration:

    Concept Design Sketches
    Color Concept Art

    Audio and Instrument Technology:

    Boutique Gear and Project Studio
    Stratocaster Shielding for Hum
    Arduino Midi Controller
    A look at our Fairlight CMI, Roland and other Development
    Repairing a SL-23 turntable

    Sculpting, Patterns and their Duplication:

    RTV molds and resin casting.
    Sculpting Technique and Super Sculpey.

    Interia Design:

    Designing a Japanese Bathroom.