Art & Technology
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Freelance Graphic Design, Audio, Electronics and Software

Jan 1 2017

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tshirt designs

Caricatures, Graphics, Logos and Cartoons:

Heavy Metal Garage - Car Cartoon Comic

Car Caricatures, Logos, Cartoons and Business Graphics
Pop Culture Caricatures and Cartoons
How to get an original Logo or Illustration
How To Draw Caricatures and Cartoons

Concept Design, Technical Illustration:

Concept Design Sketches
Color Concept Art

Audio and Instrument Technology:

Boutique Gear and Project Studio
Stratocaster Shielding for Hum
Arduino Midi Controller
Electronics & Software Development
Repairing a SL-23 turntable

Sculpting, Patterns and their Duplication:

RTV molds and resin casting.
Sculpting Technique and Super Sculpey.

Interia Design:

Designing a Japanese Bathroom.