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This article demonstrates how we work by email to do a design to a client's requirements. It uses an example based on a real design and typical email exchanges. This had more exchanges than average, which is ok for a business logo.

We also do less formal designs for gifts and other uses. We also do concept art, graphic design, business logos, patent and technical diagrams, equipment labels, some storyboards, LCD design and design sketches, besides caricatures and cartoons of machines and people. We also work with website designers, signwriters and producers.

Last Updated: Jan 27 2023

Cartoons and Caricatures From Photos

We mostly work from photos we are sent for doing custom caricatures cartoons and logos. The more images the better...

cartoons from photos

It starts with an email...

[client] Could you do an illustration for { my business, a gift, a tattoo etc }? { Something like the XXXX image on your website? Or something I haven't seen on your website?}

[us] Yes we can do that. We can produce a design from information you provide. We can do a high quality 300dpi or more digital painting that will print at A4 or A3 on quality paper, a size independant vector based graphic design for business logos or a quick sketch for use as gifts and the like. The later is done for less as it is faster to do.

I require an initial starting amount 70% of the total determined by the type of image complexity, usage and subject required. So the total investment will typically be between $150 and $380. Most things take about a week to complete.

We work with an hourly rate, so something with more in it finished to a high standard, is more than a simpler, less refined image.

[client] I'd like the digital painting option, if that is the way the one I like was done, and I have attached some reference images. I'd like a sonic boom, the colors from that football team and based on the Go Kart. When could you complete this?

[ The images here have been reduced in size, but are generally what you get out of a digital camera, but around 1000 pixels wide is all we need. If it is something like a car, more pictures from different angles is better.]

[us] It generally takes a week or so, as there are emails and rough sketches of designs exchanged during the process. For this design, the estimated amount will be US$YYY.

Acceptance Mark Our PayPal account is ZZZZZ...

I will send very small, rough quick sketches at first to work out the design with you. The design will be refined on your feedback.

[ For clients within Australia, a direct bank transfer may be easier, and that can be arranged. We do not take Credit Cards. ]

[client] Ok, that is Good. I've just sent US$NNN via PayPal
[us] Thank you. Payment received. Please see attached rough sketch. What do you think?

[client] I'd prefer it more face on..

[us] Please see attached rough sketch. What do you think?

[client] That is better. I'be like an MW on the helmet, like the attached image thanks.

[us] Please see attached more refined sketch. What do you think? If it is ok, I'll ink this and tidy it up some more.

[ It is at this stage that we really like to have the design finalized without any supprises that take too long to change later. The design is clear enough know to see what it really looks like. ]

[client] That is good.

[us] Please see attached inked lines. What do you think?

[client] That is good, I want a blue suit, and the company name clearer, and the speed lines smaller, like in your original image.. I've paid the rest via PayPal.

[us] Payment received, thank you. Please see attached colored image. What do you think?

[ When sending color images to review I will have UNPAID in a light transparent grey on them until final payment is received. ]

[client] That looks good.

[us] Ok, you can download the hi-res images from the following url, and I will also provide the following image formats......

[ If it was a vector image, or a quicksketch, I would just email the final files. A change may be asked for at this stage, as they now have the final files and can examine them closely. ]

But the request could have been for...

an illustration, concept design, graphics design or something else again... narration, music and animation too.

Illustration and cartoon logo samples

We can do designs for print, T-shirts, the web and embroidery and handle all the messy details.

For example, there are full color digitally printed T-shirts with no minimum order, and there are screen printed t-shirts that can only have up to 6 flat colors (but more usually one or two plus the shirt colour) with a minimum order of 20.

Most screen printed shirts are one or two colors, and to get graduations, halftone dots are used.

half tone dots for silk screening

A design for print is done in CMYK color space and your better off having a vector design, which has a certain look to it. Colors for CMYK are misleading when seen on a color monitor, and need to be specified with Pantone numbers.

A design for embroidery has to be much bolder and simpler and is more a logo than an illustration, as the thread is very course and does not hold much detail.

Video Slideshow Of The Process

Here is a 2 1/2 minute slideshow showing parts of the process of going from scribbled sketch to final artwork for a number of different illustrations, cars, karts, bikes and dragsters:

Contact us if you have any questions..

I really like it when a customer says:

"Great job. Obviously I went to the right guy this time."